Author: pogome

About Selling and Buying Your Pokemon Go Accounts

Already tired of playing Pokemon Go? You’re not alone!

While many professionals are quitting their job to become a full-time Pokemon catchers, many players decided it’s time to stop.

Pokemon Go has brought many benefits to both Nintendo and Niantic. The company’s shares have doubled since the issuance, and it’s not stopping. Not only these two are making money but also pro-Pokemon Go players as well.


According to recent reports from Polygon, many accounts can be sold for upward $100 if not adding an extra zero after.

I recently stumbled upon a new website that dedicated to selling and buying Pokemon Go accounts. Poketree is a marketplace for Pokemon Go players to sell their items, creatures, or even the entire account.

While this is awesome because others can make extra income from all their hard work, reports have shown that Niantic isn’t too happy about this. Furthermore, the developer also warned users about possible banning.